Friday, December 01, 2006

Right Wing Groups seem to be making a comeback.

With the current fiasco that is politics in the UK it can hardly come as a surprise that people are changing their stances on what is acceptable in politics. When people want their own parties to move one way and they all move towards the centre then people who don't vote for what a party was for in the 1960s will vote for other parties that have policies that are in closer alignment with their views.

Clearly certain people in the UK, and some of Europe, are moving to the right. The far right. The surge of interest in the BNP is probably too much for some people but to others the BNP does not go far enough. More and more are moving towards groups like this. Hell, I'm starting to lean towards a revolution and stringing up of all politicians myself. These groups seem a way of coordinating activities. Bit like a club for fascists.

When will the politicians learn that if they stray too far from the path wanted by the general public the general public will want to do something to fix it. Making it illegal just means more and more people will break the law and people like me will start to ignore people breaking the law in this way. Hell, I hate these groups myself but now see them as just another viewpoint which I can understand although I'm not, yet, at the stage where I can be a supporter. It's likely I never will be but the more our current bunch go off at tangents and don't deal with the issues they more the aims of these people make sense and the more people they will get in their clubs.

Bring on the revolution. I've a few names that I would like to see twitching at the end of a piece of hemp.


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