Friday, November 24, 2006

Proposed CCTV regulations to make tracking us easier.

It seems that the government is proposing some changes to the rules on CCTV cameras. Read here.

From the article is explains that the government is looking at expanding the specification for all the CCTV cameras around so that they can be used for crime fighting purposes. They want to come alone tap into your systems and use them for their own uses. This means upgrades to digital so they can perform face recognition and ANPR. Most times they come to look at the CCTV and the images are not good enough to be used. With compulsory upgrades if the systems do not meet law enforcement standards.

Mmmmm. This could be a bit of good news in a way. I'm sure a lot of places won't get that much benefit from CCTV who will then decide that meeting the new regulations will be cost prohibitive. Not being government they don't get their money given to them and have to have a cost benefit for every spend.

It looks like it may be stopped though. As it is recognised a lot of government systems would need upgrading and it will cost a lot. Maybe next year then.

It of course won't stop the spread of the surveillance society that we have. I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are living in the technological surveillance society that the soviets would have loved to have had the capability for even twenty years ago.

What I want is some sort of hand held EMP device that can be used on CCTV, ID cards, speed cameras, etc. Not that I would use one of course.


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