Sunday, November 19, 2006

Converting the world one at a time.

Bumped into a friend who I have not seen for a while when I went to B&Q for some paint.

He asked me if I was the one writing these anti-government articles in the local paper. I denied it of course, as I don't see it as anti-government but pro information announcements. It just happens the facts show our local government in a bad light because that is how anyone would interpret the facts.

It seems that he knew it was me because of the style of writing. He says I tend to go on a bit. What? I told him that I was always succinct....Oh! OK. That is the way I talk as well as write.

Anyway he says my article on charging for waste seems to have made him think how it will impact on his family. He has three girls and his bins are always overflowing. He has started looking at we sites as well but he is certainly not IT literate. I've given him a few web addresses.

I suppose one at a time is at least progress.


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