Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We should make a choice on the EU. Only do it right.

It seems that Ségolène Royal, one of the French Presidency candidates wants Britain to choose between being a vassal of the US or European integration. Read here.

I don't think it will make much difference to our current useless bunch but perhaps they should actually listen the the words she used. A French led Europe. Mmmm. At least she is being honest.

My view is that we need to really consider the benefits of closer ties to the US and the benefits of closer ties to Europe. Nice simple pro and con lists with values for all the options. I am leaning all over the place as logistically Europe is the way to go but with the EU being the fascist state it is I am leaning to the US. There is no reason why we can't have a half way house. We come out of Europe. Not sure what that means really. Do we fill in the Chunnel or something? Anyway we leave the EU but don't tie up long term with the US. I see the options being; In with Europe, Coming out of Europe and going alone, Coming out of Europe and forging closer ties with the US. There could be more such as Oz or Canada.

I'm sure there are many economists who can give us the pros and cons with estimates for all of these options. Can't see too many cons for the US route providing we break the lead but nothing but cons for sticking with Europe.

I think I'll suggest to Ségolène Royal that she keeps the pressure on until a commitment is made. If no commitment then they kick us out. With Blair being as weak as he is then the chances are that he won't have the support to make a commitment and we will be forced into an embarrassing situation.


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