Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why don't they just tattoo us on the forehead and get it over with?

Reading this article about how they will now be taking our fingerprints on the streets to verify our identities. Read here. At least when they denied they will be asking the classic 'ID cards please' for the first time in their miserable existence they were telling the truth. Or maybe not. This could be a new development. I find it difficult to think of them being truthful. I bet their wives/husbands have to fit then to a lie detector to get the weather from them.

Couple this with the pub scanners and then it will be rolled out to other 'voluntary' locations like the streets such as buses, trains, airports, doctors, hospitals, restaurants, petrol stations etc. Won't be long before you have to be scanned to get a McDonalds with cash. After all it will make the place safer. Why don't they just tattoo us on the forehead at birth and get it over with. After all it will make us safer. Cut down on identity fraud and would save a fortune on scanner equipment.

Now will someone let me know where I can buy these latex fingertips to give myself false prints. Jeez, It's really hard to believe I'm law abiding1, I've got no criminal record, yet. Although I do do a few risky things. For example, I blog, I've eaten at McDonalds and I drive. All subversive tendencies so I'm bound to get nicked on day.

1) With all the new laws released by our current totalitarian government over the last ten years can anyone be really sure.


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