Monday, November 20, 2006

Surely this is wasting police time.

I was reading this article on Jack the Ripper. Seems he has has an update on his photofit and profile by our violent crime unit.

They brought together a team of experts, including pathologists, historians and a geographical profiler, to find out if the case could ever be solved.

Now this must be the biggest waste of time going and how they can justify this when so many crimes are going unsolved is beyond belief.

Police released a photofit of the suspect as he was 120 years ago. Viewers must imagine him aged an additional 120 years to see what he looks like now. He is described as male, white, 150 years old, with grey hair and is suspected to be rotting in a grave somewhere in central London. He is not to be approached as he was considered dangerous and until his status is confirmed he is to be considered still dangerous. Our armed police have already started the health and safety forms necessary to arrest him.


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