Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Passport chip security issue. What is the fuss?

Maybe it is me but I don't see the fuss on being able to clone the passport details.

It's not like they added anything to security anyway so there is no security lost. All the details are available for the bad guys to copy or create old passports anyway. They will still be valid for over nine years. Now they just need to add a new step of copying the chip and they have a few years to do it. Of course, pretty soon they will be able to create one from scratch with a legit photo of yourself and all the other details. In which case why would they want to clone someone at random who very well may be on a watch list.

I got my passport before the chip came out but the way this is going I'll could have an illegal one with all my physical details on but a false name before I have to get a real passport.

In addition there will be many, many people with ID cards before most of us are forced under threat of death or imprisonment to get one. So the backlash from the sheeple will be well under way before it comes our way.

This is just the current from many, many issues which will come up over the next few years.


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