Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh! A new Government Criminal Database. Even for non Criminals.

Our Government just loves databases doesn't it. Were going to have an ID database that will be useless for what it's intended purpose is but can instead be used to monitor our every move. Then to fill the gap with the kids we will have a child database which can be 'flagged' if there is any risk. That includes low birth weight etc. How many people will be employed by social services to chase up on all those flags. This new proposal however just targets criminals, or does it? Read this proposal about recording those simply accused of a crime. This will identify people accused of these offences for which they may be found not guilty. So, if you are a teacher wrongly accused, you would not be able to get a job. In a way that may be the price paid regardless of the result because mud sticks and a lot of people believe there is no smoke without fire. The part that concerns me is that these databases would lead to people being hounded if their names became public. As they seem to a lot and people die because of this.
Our Government can't handle these databases correctly. Perhaps they should improve the speed of prosecution to resolve these cases and monitor the suspects more instead of adding them to a list of perverts they are likely to remain on forever because our Governments habit of retaining data.


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