Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Labour are doing their best. What would the worst look like?

Reading all that stuff about Bush makes Bliar look like a good guy. Now there is something I thought I would not say. However, I believe Bliar and his cronies are just doing what they think is best by performing social engineering experiments with our country. He is doing what he thinks is right by removing as much risk and individualism as possible. Following opinion that is vocal but hardly supported by the public just because it will buy a few votes. Removing any issues caused by failure. Nobody will be allowed to fail. Making us all clones. The fact that they can't think these things through is unfortunate but if they had to think then they would realise that it is better to do nothing than these policies and they don't want to stop tinkering. They actually believe they are doing good by turning the whole of the UK into people who get up, eat breakfast, 2% fat cereal, go to work on public transport, have a salad for lunch, come home eat a low fat meal, watch nature programs, play scrabble or cards. Maybe not, I forgot scrabble and cards are competitive. Computer games will be banned. Even Pacman is too violent. A chase followed by something getting eaten. A nice compliant populace is what is being worked towards. It may be best for him and his ilk. Protected and pampered while we are not.

Does Hell exist? Well it looks like it will be based in the UK. Where do I get this AK47 I hear is so easy to find? When this country has had enough and it starts to swing the other way it will undoubtedly go to far. What is this country going to look like then in ten years time?


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