Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Intelligent Design means you don't have to be intelligent just faithful.

Is this our special arrangement? Just read this. One in five believe the sun revolves round the Earth. That's 20%. Then ask yourself do we really want to work against our close neighbours and hang about with those over the pond?

What special arrangement do we have with the US? They can extradite UK nationals with no evidence. They can imprison them without evidence. They spy on us for the UK Government. The only thing I can think off where we benefit is the purchase of military technology. Trident, Tomahawks, Apaches etc. But, if we didn't side with the US we wouldn't need them.

The US work to their own rules and screw the rest of the world and that includes us.... and it looks like them rules will be changing soon as they move from a technological base back to a religious one. Kind of like the story behind Warhammer 40K. Religion is key and the art of technology has been forgotten.

I think we need an independent study to investigate who we would be best with. EU, US or on our own. This study needs to cover trade, defence, politics etc. Then we need to go with the results and make our alliances based on that.


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