Thursday, August 04, 2005

Intelligent Design plus a new Global Warming Theory based on Facts.

Couldn’t do anything yesterday as could not create any Blog entries. Something up with this Blog. Other Blogs were updated with no issues. Such is life.

So spent the time browsing the web. Found this interesting article regarding the Intelligent Design Theory, which I call religious studies. This group believes the creator is a Flying Spaghetti Monster and has written to a US schools and asking for it’s theory to be put on the curriculum.
It makes an interesting point. Read the letter and replies here. Why must there just be one religion taught in schools? Why not teach a bit on every one? Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Flying Spaghetti Monster and, dare I say it, Satanism. They are all religions practiced around the world; well perhaps not the Flying Spaghetti Monsters which I believe is just to make a valid point. In conclusion it appears that a school in Arkansas has removed the Intelligent Design Theory from its curriculum.

As a side issue the same site points out that global warming is inversely proportional to the number of pirates in the world. Showing that you can prove anything with statistics by careful selection of facts. If our government got hold of this there would soon by a PhD in Piracy being a three year course where you get the final exam paper at the start of the third year. Wouldn’t want any pirates out in the world feeling like failures would we? One of the questions being suggested would be ‘Was Captain Pugwash a smutty show?’


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