Saturday, July 30, 2005

Terrorists arrested with minimal fuss.

Just testing the EMail entry system. I've lost my internet connection
and can't use the web so now is a good time to test it out.

Was reading about the terrorists that were all arrested yesterday. Seems
that none of them got any lead injections. Kind of strange really. Was
not the Met's head man going on about how dangerous it was to try and
arrest these guys? Could it be that the summary executions are not going
to be the way to go? Let's wait and see. Anyway these terrorists should
also be done under the trades description act. They are not in any way
suicide bombers. You would expect them to fight to the end but that
doesn't seem to be the way for UK bred terrorists. Maybe life in the UK
means that the 72 virgins has not got the same appeal. Perhaps if we
changed it to 50 virgins plus an XBox or one of the snazzy new PSPs.


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