Friday, July 29, 2005

IRA give up their bad ways.

Just been sorting out some things before we go away on holiday in a few weeks. Fed Caitlin and then she slept in my arms like a baby. Which is kind of handy as that is what she is. Could this be some kind of prejudice by generalising? Anyway, better not go there or it'll be a crime soon to say things like 'Slept like a Baby.' While she was asleep I read a book about babies and it appears it ain't going to get more exciting for several months. I was looking forward to feeding her chocolate and teaching her bad habits but it's a long way away.

Finally sat down and was reading the news about the IRA on the web which made me laugh.

It seems the IRA are all ready to give up their bad ways and come on to the side of good and decent people. Ha! Finally.
It was all over for the IRA when the planes crashed into the twin towers. Bush made such a big deal about terrorists and hunting them that two things happened.
1) We got them added on to a list of Terrorist organisations.
2) Their funding and support dried up in the US.

I gave Bliar the credit for 1) but the time it has taken to get this far beggars belief and any decent leader would have had the whole lot raided and in our own Gizmo before you could say 'Prevention of Terrorism' years ago. Now he is letting out convicted terrorists as part of the deal. I can only assume is he wants it to happen peacefully in his tenure as PM. I can see the CV now. '2004-2005 Brokered deal with IRA after several failures of less gifted politicians'

Should be interesting when it gets to the time the IRA have to do something. Say like, well, give up their weapons. Or, could Bliar get away to leaving that minor detail to his successor.


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