Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Update on Crash plus PETA and race relations.

I've been spending some time browsing the web today and come across a few interesting things.

First, I was reading about the new rules a police force is putting in place regarding raids on Muslims homes. No calling before 06:00, no dogs or shoes in the house, if they are praying let them finish, etc. Read the story here. Now putting aside how ridiculous that is it made me think. Why? I could only come to one conclusion and that was that the police expect to make many, many raids and find nothing. Let's face it if they raided a house and discovered bomb making equipment and weapons then a complaint of he was wearing shoes when he come in ain't going to go anywhere. So the intelligence, well, intelligence and War on Terror doesn't really go together very well do they. Anyway, the intelligence being used is expected to be faulty but they don't care they will act without thought anyway. I'm sure that that policy will alienate the entire UK population against them. Another nice thought out process by the powers that be. The police have a hard enough time as it is.

Still on a racial/religious theme. Isn't it funny who the black teenager who was killed by white people had all the colours mentioned. Read here. But the white guy killed by a black guy seems kind of 'colourless'. Read here. Wonder why that is?

The paper I was waiting for fell through the door today. It didn't really say much but there were a few facts to replace the various rumors.
The crash occurred at about 03:00 on Saturday. One male, aged 18, died instantly and three went to hospital. Another male, aged 16, died the next day and one is still in a critical condition. One is described as 'walking wounded' whatever that means.
The 18 year old was a local sportsman who swam competitively in the local swimming team and played football for the local football club winning medals in both areas. This explains the football stuff and the amount of people by the scene.
Three other men, on foot, are being looked for who were seen at the scene. Police were not pursuing the car.
There is clearly more to it than that. The road they were traveling on was a 30 limit. At that time of night there would be few police and no radar. The road is straight for over a mile until you come to the bend where the crash occurred. My theory, you knew I had one, was that they were approaching the road fast and at the bend the driver lost in and spun into the wall. He either lost it due to inexperience and/or was drunk and/or to avoid the pedestrians previously mentioned. We will find out more at the inquest in a few months.

Finally, to end on a funny note. How PETA tore defeat from the jaws of victory. PETA, People who Eat Tasty Animals. No!, not that one. This one. PETA, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals. They would rather that humans died in droves so animals can live. They use terrorist means against individuals and companies who they see as against animals. Now, some humans maybe, but let's not go there at this time.
The story is that there is a 50 year old fishing pond stocked with rainbow trout in the US. This pond had a few ducks and has been used over the years as a dumping ground for unwanted pet ducks. These ducks are fed, against the law, by the locals and the population has exploded. Now some of these ducks have been dying on left behind fishing gear.
A proposal was raised at the council which was to stop all fishing by those over 12. This was proposed and the vote appeared to be in favour of the ban.
Then PETA stepped in. A letter was written by the local PETA spokesperson which congratulated the council on its decision. Boy, did that change things.
At the next council meeting the hall, normally empty, just like in the UK, was full. Objections were raised at the proposal and it was rejected by the council. You have just got to laugh. Read the full story here.


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