Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Police response to Menezes execution.

Looking around some other blogs and the news sites today. Seems like we can expect more mistakes by our protectors. Seems that the terrorists themselves killed the Brazilian, who was called Jean Charles de Menezes. Don't know how they managed that it was obviously some sort of mind control. Plus we can expect more innocents to be killed by the police. Well, don't know about you but I don't feel protected by them now. So now they are activly gunning for civilians I don't feel that they are performing their role of protectors very well. It brings back memories of school when we heard about people contacting the authorities and getting innocent people arrested both in Salem, Germany, old Russia and now the UK. Welcome to Nazi UK.

It also seems the terrorists are now officially winning after all. We hear they are against our way of life and want to change it. Here I was only thinking they wanted us to stop sticking our nose in their affairs. Now they are getting their way, our freedoms are disappearing fast we can be executed for offences such as running.

And round it all up. The plain clothed officer who shot Mr Menezes is going away on a holiday paid for by us. Only a week mind. Maybe if he had got more innocents or it had been less public he could have got longer.


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