Monday, August 01, 2005

Police Stop and Search plus Crash investigation.

Just been driving past the crash site and it looks like there was more than one person killed. One of the posters which has been erected has a local football team emblem on it. The stories coming back are that there were five in the car and another says it was being chased by the police and, yet another, that they were all drunk. The local rag drops through the door without fail every week and for the first time I'm actually waiting for it to happen. Can't get any straight stories from the people at the crash site.

I've just been reading that under the new stop and search rules that not looking a copper in the eye is a criminal offence. Seems some poor guy was walking into a tube station and in a rush so walked past a copper without paying him any attention. The copper thought this was suspicious so arrested the guy. He was taken to a police station for a few hours while they searched his home, examined his phone records and the data on his computers. Hope he didn't have any naughty piccys on there. He was let out when his information tied up. i.e. They found nothing. Bet they didn't delete his data or details from their systems. That will teach him a lesson. Not to try and trick the police into thinking he was not a bad guy. I'm sure they can call on him for support when they are in his area.


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