Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Politics. The art of lying and smiling whilst wielding a sharp knife into position.

It seems that Billy has finally made up his mind which one of his enemies is the one he is going to hook up with. Obama or McCain. Seems like he has, finally, come down on the side of Obama. Read here.

I suspect he had no choice being a committed Democrat but luckily for Billy he is happy to stray away from home as I suspect that 'comfort' is going to be in short supply at his home for a while.

He would of course have told Hillary it is so he can put a case for Obama and/or the Democrats to top up Hillary's campaign so she can pay her debts. Debt, for what I understand, she owes mainly to herself. Debt, which I also understand, she ran up in a last ditch desperate attempt to gain the nomination. Just why anyone else should pay for it is beyond me but I suspect there will be a deal made to ensure Billy's cooperation in the election.

Maybe that is something McCain should have thought of. Although even I doubt Hillary's spite would turn her towards the other side. She will be planning for the 2012 elections now but you never know. Obama could very well choose her for his running mate and get both the PC votes. Although if he did he would never be able to turn his back on her. She would be only one heartbeat away from the Presidency. LOL


At 9:13 pm, Blogger Ruthie said...

He'd be stupid to pick Clinton as his VP. He'd alienate more people than he'd gain, especially independents.

At 11:07 pm, Blogger Bag said...

I'm not so sure. People will vote democrat even if it was GWB standing. Others will vote for racial reasons and finally for sexist reasons. I think it would gain more than it loses.

On the other hand you being there and a woman I take in what you say. We will see what the democrats get up to. It could hot up soon. After all, according to Hillary, Bobby Kenneday didn't make it through July and she did come second. :)


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