Thursday, June 19, 2008

Justice takes a backseat again.

After the court decision earlier this week, read here, that anonymous witness do not meet the criteria for a fair trial it was obvious that others convicted using the same methods would appeal. Well the first has come forward. Read here.

Now I can understand why we need to have anonymous witnesses. Major crime lords and syndicates can exact revenge after a conviction and due to this we have set up the witness protection programme.

Now it seems to be that in their eagerness to get convictions we are doing 'Witness Protection Lite' It's where they can remain anonymous and legislation is used to ensure that they cannot be questioned too closely. Thus we again reduce peoples right to a fair trial and the opportunities for injustice grow uncontrollably.

It seems to me that our courts and the House of Lords seem to be the only things that are protecting us from our government. When this is all over and Gordo and his minions are rotting on the end of a piece of piano wire then I think we should have a serious think about giving the Lords more power.

Not long ago I didn't see the need for the Lords and I thought that all these high court judges were pretty useless but lately they have been the only thing protecting us. We should really look at restoring the powers that both these groups have to what they had ten years ago.


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