Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GPS jamming.

Well, well, I knew that you could jam GPS easily because of the way it works and the strength of the signals but what I did not know is that 'a pen-sized device could "stop ships in a port being able to receive GPS". Read here about the suggestion that we go back to WW2 technology for military backup.

Well it may make sense for them to do so for mission critical tasks. However, I doubt it would be of use for the common man but that is another story.

Now, that was not my initial thoughts. My first is 'Where do I get one?' My second was roll on road charging using GPS. LOL My third was Galileo is also subject to this issue. Probably more so because at least GPS is run by the US military. Our system probably won't even have the resilience of the US one before it even starts.

What technology giveth it also taketh away and it isn't all going the way the government wants. That cheers me immensely.


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