Saturday, June 21, 2008

WhooHoo we are all going Green.

From the sounds of this we are all going to be forced to go green at the barrel of a gun. Read here.

It seems that some new government proposals are being revealed. These proposal 'may' include measures to force homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Exactly why the authors of the report don't know what is in it I have no idea. It looks like it has not been fed through the PR system yet and thus they are not clear that it will if fact have no such statement but rather an obscure statement that bears no resemblance to fact but hints that only terrorists will be forced to make their homes green. So it obviously won't impact on the honest hard working plebs like you and I.

One arm of the governments propaganda machine, the Guardian, has seen a copy of these proposals. (Obviously not released outside the government yet) They said 'the proposals seek a 30-fold increase in off-shore wind power generation, new loans and grants for businesses to increase green energy supply and a compulsory measure on households to boost efficiency. The plans recognise that the new energy policy could transform large areas of Britain's landscape and have a "significant impacts on all our lives...not all of these positive" That's one reporter soon to be found under a tree in a remote forest with his wrists cut.

Now if homes are to increase efficiency does that not imply that we have to have a benchmark? I knew we would find a use for all those efficiency inspectors trained for the Home Information Packs that are now unemployed because nobody is selling their houses. Need to keep them employed and who better to do it that those rich plebs who have their own houses. They are as much of a cash cow than the motorists. And, as a bonus, most probably won't vote labour anyway.

I bet it won't be long before we are all living back in late 1940s style with rations and eating lentils for our main, and only, meal. Yummy.


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