Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That didn't take long.

It seems that it has not taken long for the car bombs to change policy and allow the Congestion Charge cameras to report in real time the movement of vehicles within London. Read here.

Data protection and separation out the window exactly as was predicted before the cameras even went in. What a shocker.

Now monitoring all this data in RT is a tremendous task. They just won't manage it except under certain special operations. Now remind me if I am wrong but I thought the congestion cameras merely encircled the taxation zonecongestion charging zone. If so what is the point of RT access. That would just give the entry point. You wouldn't know where it went. It would be gone before you got there if it wasn't already being followed.

In reality all that will happen is that all the data will be permanently stored for police access and analysis. Eventually linked to the millions of other tracking cameras in the UK.

I suppose I'm surprised it took so long. Plans were in place just needed an excuse.


At 9:28 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

Britain is always held up as a good example by Australian politicians when they say that they want to be able to monitor the bad guys better. I am always amazed when my wife is watching the Bill, there is CCTV for every naughty event. This creeping surveillance is just that, creepy.


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