Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fiddling with peoples lives.

I see again that the government is now fiddling with the curriculum again. Read here. To be honest I don't quite see why they are making these particular changes.

Education certainly needs fiddling with but somehow I suspect that this fiddle won't fix any of the problems there are with it.

Quite a few years ago there was concern that our brightest and most able were leaving the US to go to new lives across the world taking their skills and experience. Skills and experience we required to keep the UKs position in the world. The government wanted to stop it. Well, they have certainly succeeded. I would think that no country wants to take our current output of unthinking illiterate drones. Another target met. Yet again not with the intention that was meant at the time but still, another target achieved.

Why we just don't go back to what we were doing in the mid 20th century that provided our current bunch of entrepreneurs, thinkers and skilled tradesmen? OK. It's clear that we would have to get rid of 50% of the teachers. The useless ones, the hangers on who would not have a job if they did not work for the government and those that have socialist leanings and force it on to our kids. I suspect the two are related.

It's clear that the only ones providing a decent education in reality are the private schools. Their curriculum have been unchanged for many years. Their output prized by the private sector while the public sector output is being tested for basic literacy.

This is basic stuff and it has a significant impact on people lives. It needs to be fixed now. Already two generations have been treated to this failed social experiment. Politicians are not going to do it. I'm convinced most of them have their shoes with L&R clearly marked inside.


At 3:04 pm, Blogger -eve- said...

Hmmm... they've been doing that in my country too. Partly, I think they mean it for the general good; don't let the smart ones get ahead, in case the weak ones look really bad. So like you say; they just aim for general literacy; for each person in the population to be able to read an average of 20 words, sort of thing (instead of some reading more and some reading less; I got reprimanded in my English class for doing the class work too quickly!)

At 1:51 pm, Blogger Bag said...

20 words. If only the UK could aspire to be that good.

All they know is I know my rights and there is nothing you can do. I want and I feel insulted. Plus a few words not yet in the dictionary.

Some of course they can say without actually understanding them.


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