Saturday, July 14, 2007

A ominous shift away from the US.

Well it seems that Gordo is more pro EU than pro US. He has delivered a statement that he wants to distance the UK from the US. Read here.

Now putting aside the stupid headline. It seems that a very forceful point is being made. We want to distance ourselves from the US. Their foreign policy which is not exactly the best plan in the world is clearly too divergent from the UKs future plans. Gordo obviously doesn't want the congressional medal the same as Blair has been honoured with. Maybe he is after the honour of being a Hero of the Russian Empire or something. Most of Labour should get one too and they may do if they hand the UK over.

Now personally I've always believed we have done the right thing standing with the US. Now just to be clear standing with does not always mean we have to go off on their wars but at least generally their principles are honourable and align with ours. We should be close and if it wasn't for Blair getting us involved in his macho posturing we would not have to publicly announce a change like this.

Of course now it's done. It's official. The mood will change between the UK and the US. Bush still has nearly a year and a half to go. He won't be happy about this. Gordo probably a little bit longer unless he gets overconfident. Personally don't think he will. His policies are delivering now and not the results expected. He needs time to fix it. Although he, to be truthful, is gong to screw it up more. You might not think it's possible but it will happen.

I just don't see anything good from this announcement It's bound to be seen as an attack on Bush. Any influence, no matter how slight, will disappear. Any political hiccup will be met with less tolerance than before. Let's face it the US doesn't have too many friends now. They may very well take all their toys and stop playing with others. Still will be out playing but with their own balls and following their own rules. That won't be good.

Of course this movement will move us closer to the EU. This can't be good. This will be seen a a coup there. The UK/US relationship must have been a thorn in their side for a while.

I would have preferred a switch the other way. Closer ties to the US and a lessened relationship with the EU. But there is no way a socialist government would do that. I was just hoping they would leave it as it was, as it has been for decades.

The question is why? Why now? I can only think of one reason. There is going to be trouble in the Middle East with Iran, Syria etc. tied up in a war with Israel. The US will undoubtedly join in. We won't be with them. We will be leaving them out on their own. Instead of doing the right and honourable thing we will sit on the sidelines with the French and just watch while we wait for the UN to fix it.


At 5:31 am, Blogger Ruthie said...

I'll be waiting to see what the U.S. media have to say about this.

At 9:08 am, Blogger Bag said...

It does seem a little quiet considerng what it is saying.

Maybe it'll hot up soon when something is done rather than just a few vague words.

At 7:03 am, Blogger Ruthie said...

So far, nothing.

At 11:26 am, Blogger Bag said...

Wait till we refuse to do something and instead pass it to the UN. Or even worse back someone in the ME or EU against the US.


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