Sunday, March 25, 2007

Local council solves dumping problem.

Reading our local paper I came across an article on dumped cars and how much it is costing local taxpayers and it's way of resolving this issue. It dove tailed very nicely with this article on car dumping which claims it is costing £250M pa.

So, what is our wonderful government doing to cut down on this crime that is costing so much?

It's rather simple really. They are setting up a scheme where you can get your car collected and destroyed for you. TaDa!

So instead of having the hassle of pretending you are selling it to a third party who dumps it three months later and has the hassle of actually taking it to the dump site. Instead we get it picked up free of charge. Only of course it's isn't free.

The good news is that it solves our crime problems. There isn't one now. The bad news is now that people that would pay won't so the costs will increase. Nothing in the proposals decreases the costs. It increases it by the production of destruction certificates.

The really bad news is that I suspect they will be looking at the high murder rate next. Bring your victims to the local centre and we will bump them off for you as the stress involved in killing, hiding the body and lying to everyone is bad for you. It'll bring the crime figures down as well.


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