Sunday, March 25, 2007

Police working for an hour a shift. If we are lucky.

I've come across this a bit late. I've seen it referred too a couple of times now and finally clicked on the link to get the full details. It refers to the fact that only 1 out of 58 policemen are out on patrol at any one time.

Looking at the details a bit more we discover that there are indeed a record number of police officers. There are 143,000. However out of that only 81,877 of them actually go out on patrol. That is just over 57%. Now out of each of those on patrol it seems that patrol time equates to one hour per shift. Of course the poor coppers are working like mad to keep up with the forms they have to fill in.

Now from experience whenever I see any police they are out with their snazzy new radar equipment clamping down on the real criminals in our society. The drivers.

And we wonder why crime is out of control and the public does not support the police.


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