Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home Informations Packs seem to be back.

I was getting beaten up by my grandchild this morning. For some reason she has taken to head butting. I've considered getting an ASBO put on her but as she's sorted out a space on the wall for it I'm pretty sure it won't be a deterrent.

Anyway trying to distract her I switched the TV on and there was someone, I think from the law society, talking about the Home Information Packs. There is also an article on the web now.

I seem to remember that we were originally looking at £1,200 for some houses but that seems to have come down. I didn't realise they were back and now will cost £400. Interestingly enough the TV said that if you ignore them you can be fined £200. A questions was asked. Spend £400 or £200. It seems it won't be a criminal record with KGB style DNA and fingerprints. A nice simple transaction. £400 for a parasite to take up lots of your time and produce paperwork or £200 paid via a cheque or card with minimal time wasted. The law society guy seemed put out that people would not follow the law. I laughed out loud at his bristling. After all nobody breaks the law.

Can this lot do anything right?


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