Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sacred Lands? It's in mid air.

Reading about this skywalk, and what a skywalk, being built at the Grand Canyon.

However, besides the obvious engineering issues and the engineering involved the bit that I found interesting was that some tribal members say this is a desecration of sacred ground and environmentalists are also concerned.

Sacred ground? It's hanging over empty space and the edge of a big big drop. Not many people have been buried in places like that or set up homes. Yawn! Just going out for a quick jimmy. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr Splat. The environmentalists are up in arms because bald eagles used to fly through that space and will now have to detour a bit. What a bunch of whiners. We would be back in the stone ages if they have their way. Oh wait! Climate change! It's already happening.

Just for info the only way you would get me on this skywalk is if I was tied up and on a rack like Hannibal Lector.


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