Monday, March 19, 2007

And they say crime does not pay.

In the olden days when criminals were treated as such and ordinary citizens followed the rules the saying 'Crime does not pay' and 'If you can't do the time. Don't do the crime' was common talk and people conformed because as a society we need too.

Nowadays of course it is different. Now very few people actually get 'time' and law and order has been reduced to a farce. Additionally it seems that they don't have the resources to even catch these people.

Now, ahead of the new taxescharges for throwing out non-recyclable rubbish it seems fly tipping has increased to gigantic proportions. 2.5M cases during April 2005 to April 2006. Now out of all those cases there were just 24,460 prosecutions. Less than 1%. The best bit was that out of those there were 8 custodial sentences, 44 community services and 120 absolute or conditional discharges. A total of 172 cases gives just under 0.007%. And they say crime doesn't pay. I must admit I've not heard 'If you can't do the time. Don't do the crime' for a while. Maybe it got too many laughs and cynical smiles.

Anyway my advice to would be fly tippers when the new regulations come in for household waste. Remove all identifying items such as addressesDon't do it. Crime does not pay.


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