Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Such a long way to go.

Reading this about the world ignoring Iraqi refugees which made me wonder how many people are there still in Iraq willing to kill.

Iraqi population is 26M Ref. Which includes 25M of martyr age. Estimates are that between the West and the internal factions we have bumped off about £1M of them. Making the remainder hate us and the other factions. 2M are official refugees and there must be another 1M at least who have crossed other borders as unofficial refugees to stay with family.

Now the questions are;

1) Will they run out of people to do the killing? Unlikely.
2) Will they run out of ammunition. More likely.
3) Will they settle down to a truce. More likely.

Now the only question is how many more have to die or run for it before the scales tip over? I make it only 19M to go then.


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