Thursday, December 21, 2006

Comments in the local paper.

The local paper has just arrived and I've has my usual skim through. One of the articles there is talking about public support for the local police. The guy clearly is looking at the situation here and not liking it, who does? He at least is proposing some changes although his changes actually brought a smile to my face as his proposal was the we, the public, do something about reducing crime. Of course he clearly doesn't understand that we, the public, can't actually do anything besides 'drop a dime' as the TV shows say. Although thinking about it you don't hear that as often nowadays. It however is a common misunderstanding among people they actually think they have more powers than they have.

In the same paper we have an article by our local MP. The one that has sides with Blair all the time. He starts by saying it's not all bad news and, of course, mentions the Iraqi invasion and that, clearly, is bad news and we are winning so it was worth it. The good news however is that there are free bus passes for the over 60s. That clearly evens it out then. It reminded me of the Spitting Image sketch when the news reader was reading out a list of today's job losses. 400 jobs lost here, 300 jobs lost here, 500 jobs lost here but it's not all bad news. A paperboy has been taken on in Ipswich. The last few years could have done with a show like that.

Well, I'll be writing something back to the MP. I'm off so I can spend a bit of time on it. Although where do I start? I could write a page on his comments. Better get started then.


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