Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shot in the foot.

Although I was born in Scotland I have lived in England so long I don't have solid ties with Scotland itself. Although I still have family ties as most of my, non immediate, relatives still live there. I've always considered myself a child of the UK and referred to myself as British. Perhaps because of my very background.

I've always kept an eye on what goes on in Scotland and wondered what would happen if they went their own way with all this talk of independence.

Well, it seems we could very well find out. According to this article, where Labour are fighting to keep their core group of supporters voting for them, support for Scottish Independence has reached 52% among Scots and 59% in England. Now I know I'm one of the odd ones out but I do believe that Democracy is the will of the people.

Scottish Independence must be a +ve thing for everyone, except the Labour party. They would lose a big chunk of their base voters. The Scots get independence, would I get dual nationality passports?, and get to forge their own destiny. We get rid of the socialist millstone around our necks and the Labour party. The SNP, or whoever, get to sort Scotland out and make it a player in the world market. Big changes would be afoot there.

Of course things would change here as well as the parties would have to appeal to the electorate for more votes. No more sitting, doing what they want, because the apathy and core voters will get them elected. It would shake up politics all over. Labour with the initial vote purchasing of regional government have shot themselves in the foot. Yet again, they start a ball rolling with no idea where it is going to end up.

Of course Wales and NI would want the same. Who could blame them? They all have their own local government set up anyway. Although I wonder how long it would be before NI joined with Ireland and became one?


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