Saturday, November 25, 2006

Democracy. It's just a word that is really misunderstood.

Isn't it interesting that the two democratic nations exporting democracy at the point of a gun don't make it into the top ten democracies in the world. The UK is at 23 while the US fairs better at 17.

Read here for the article on the top ten and comments on the US and UK.

One bit of positive move is that for the last two years I've seen people who have never been involved in politics before taking an interest in what is going on around them. Will it be enough? I don't know but it will certainly grow. Pity there is little differences between the parties. So no matter how you vote you will end up with a useless and corrupt politician in a suit. Still time for some to change. After the farce of the last few months Dave Cameron will be gone in time for a new Tory leader to revitalise the party and just in time for the elections. Or was that the plan all along?


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