Saturday, September 03, 2005

Parents can't look after Kids. Government can though.

Back to the UK for our latest bit on nannying from our Nanny Government. It seems that parents here just can't look after their kids. They are looking at introducing new legislation, what a surprise, to take over when kids show signs of going off the rails.

This is the same type of legislation where years ago parents were forbidden corporal punishment, smacking to us normal people, and parents were arrested and fined for doing so. Lo and behold the kids went off the rails and then parents were criticised for failing to discipline their kids. I think the theory, from people who don't have kids, was a stern ticking off was all they required. Might be OK when you have CP to fall back on but when the kids knew you were powerless. No chance. I knew kids who were phoning up the hotlines, paid for by us indirectly, and reporting parents because they would not buy them the latest new console or a game.

So now, at the first sign of going off the rails, and what might that be, out with their mates after 21:00 for example?, they get social services to go and persecute the family. Yet some more resources required for our already bloated and inefficient Government machine and it will be next to useless to save any kids.

Remember, this from the Government that put a curfew on an area so kids could not be there if they were under 16 after a certain time and it was overthrown by a judge. Good judge. Crap Government.

I can see the courts having more fun with this one.


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