Thursday, August 11, 2005

Solution to Blogging issue arrives.

Got some feedback from support regarding my intermittent ability to post blogs. Seems everything is OK at their end and they gave some suggestions for my PC. I thought they had fixed it already because I was posting OK. When I thought about it I had the problem on my works laptop which I had not used for blog posting since. Went and tried it again. Sure enough it did not work. Tried their suggestions which was emptying the cache and deleting the cookies. All OK. Diagnosis is difficult when you use so many systems. I have three at home I use, mine and the kids, one work and one personal laptop, plus any of the systems at work can be used. It means I'm never without a PC and links to my EMail, files etc. but some systems can have conflicts due to applications installed just on that specific system. Anyway all is OK.

Anyway, looking for a relaxing wind down tomorrow before I'm off. Still don't know where I am going though.


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