Friday, August 12, 2005

Anti Gun Case.

I've been reading up about guns and gun laws. It has been quite an eye opener. I must admit when guns were legal in the UK I was not all that interested. I went shooting a couple of times when I was in my late teens but I never wanted to kill anything. So target shooting only. The only things I would kill are Wasps, Flies, Slugs and Snails. Bit of overkill for a shotgun or rifle really.

Anyway, the anti-gun lobby have really put a good case for banning guns entirely. The only thing is that their facts don't seem to hang together with reality. Reality is conveniently ignored for their agenda.

Now I agree that in an ideal world we would not have to have weapons to defend ourselves. There would be no criminals and we would not get killed. I don't believe we live in that ideal world and believe that we should have the choice on if we want to keep weapons. In saying that then we need to ensure that any person who misuses those weapons is punished. The way we go on about things you would think that people only died with guns when cars kill at lot more. Even in the US which you wouldn't believe from the hype. Read further details here. I'll be back on this subject later as the first statement at the link tallies with what I believe.


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