Monday, August 08, 2005

Call for Treason charges plus Iranian Nuclear Programme.

Just reading that they are considering using treason charges against some of the Islamic radicals. Not got a law to stop them out of the hundreds of new laws Auntie Bliar has put in so they twist one of our most archaic ones. Seems like we can add a fourth to our list of offences. Treason, if I remember correctly, it is still the only law in the UK that still allows the death penalty. Can’t wait till someone requests it. Would not see it getting through at this point but you never know if this does go on and after a year of attacks and the numbers dying increasing then it will become an option. Although threatening to kill people who have no fear of death seems a bit futile to me. Maybe they don’t get the 72 virgins by some technicality which may help.

Also interesting is the resumption of Irans nuclear programme. I don’t blame them. Might is right in this new world. I’ve always wondered about a people who can basically be living at a high standard in the West and still be willing to blow themselves and others up in their shiny new Mercs. The poorer ones I can understand in a way but the rich ones clearly are outside my way of thinking. This will be a major concern for the Americans and their lapdogs, sorry coalition. Yet another front to fight on. Not nice at all. Prepared and, in a way, even more willing to die than the Iraqis and Afghans. I think any attack there and all the middle east nations will be thinking we will be next. Let’s help them as much as possible. Western nations will be backing off and insisting it is done properly this time and the American supporters will be out in the cold.


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