Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trust is a rare commodity.

I remember a saying where you talk about someone you don't trust and you say 'If they said it was hot and sunny outside I would take a coat and umbrella with me just to be safe'

I'd read the article on house prices dropping 2.5% and the thought it could be the start of a recession but remember thinking it could be a hiccup or a seasonal anomaly. No need to panic yet. I didn't really know but I wasn't panicking at all. Then I read an article where Gordo said that the slump in the UK housing market is "containable". Now that worried me. It reminded me of the Northern Rock fiasco when the government spoke up and almost immediately everyone was down there to get their money out. That caused problems on it's own and would do for any bank or building society never mind one that was in trouble.

So I'm wondering now if his statement on house prices will cause the same issues and actually trigger the very thing he is trying so hard to stop. Made me laugh to actually think there are people out there, like me, that just don't believe a word that these guys say. It's his own fault though. Statements like the Treaty is not the Constitution when the whole of the planet knows it is but he still lies about it knowing that there is nothing we can do.

On other fronts however, we do have major impacts, it's coming up to the local elections for example. Less than a month and the politicians are panicking already and campaigning to save the post offices and making their voices heard about the tax increase on the lowest paid in our society. Read here about hypocrisy in action.

But most importantly our actions will make the difference between a big crunch or a little one or the sliding scale in between. So now I'm beginning to panic. This is the time when we need someone at the helm we can trust. Gordo is so badly thought of that no matter what he says we just do not trust him. We are doomed, doomed I tell you. I couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Hopefully the knives will be out as UK PLC starts to slide down the slope and Gordo in his spite triggers a general election. He won't fall on his sword. After all, he is a politician but be can be pushed.

In reality it's much too late to make any difference but it would at least give us a bit of satisfaction and perhaps could even lead to a different stance on the EU.

So do your bit and tighten your belt. Minimum spending and complain loudly and often about how we all blame Gordo. Plus if there are any hit men out there looking to do something for charity. The UK could do with your contribution. Just thinking out loud.


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