Saturday, April 05, 2008

Politics vs belief.

Well, well it seems that despite the Iraqi PM making all those statements things have not worked out as well as he expected. Read here about conflicting information from Iraq.

It seems to me that western politics seems to have had a greater effect on the Iraqi government than we originally thought. They are already starting to say one thing and do another. It seems that although the PM himself did not negotiate with the insurgents a third party did it on his behalf, gives a bit of deniability, and his adversary, the Mehdi Army, was told to stop. So following Iranian instructions and ignoring Iraqi kind of gives a clue what to expect next especially as the insurgents didn't lay down their arms as instructed. Trophies or something. I don't know. Although I am sure that concessions were made to all the parties. In the next few weeks I'm sure we will find out what some of them are. Perhaps a government post for Moqtada Sadr? Of course in the future the Iranians will need the Mehdi Army. After all they are on the same side. Not Iraq's but Allah's. The caliphate starts to come together.

The Iraqi PM is now facing the same dilemma that we do in one way and that Saddam did in another. First of all his paid troops are facing up to fanatics who are willing to give their lives for their cause and because no one issues uniforms free of charge then they don't know who they are. Then he has the problem that Iraq can only be tamed by force. He needs to clamp down but being US backed he doesn't have the Iraqis to do it like Saddam had his Baath party. He will be replaced as soon as the US loosens it's grip. poor b4$^4rd. Like all dupes he is doing what he things is best for his country. Of course being sneaky and manipulative he has a career head of his at the UN if he gets out quick enough. He could try being a peace keeping envoy or something. Loads of money, no work, no risk, name in the papers. Lovely.

One thing is certain. He has no real power in Iraq and it seems the Iranians are the ones with it all. That looks like a problem for the West and helps consolidate the Middle East under Allah. So points to all that said that removing Saddam would increase Iranian power. Something to make you happy and sad at the same time.


At 5:35 am, Blogger Semaj Mahgih said...

Nutters most certainly will rule.

At 12:01 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Well I think that is a given. They rule all over. But the middle east seem to have a special type of nutter. Like all the rest they interfere in other countries but unlike the west they have a unified goal to set up a worldwide system. It never works out the way it is planned and in this case plan is a bit misleading. I've seen women plan shopping trips better.


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