Sunday, April 06, 2008

Committing the next Government.

I read an article several weeks back on my trawl around the blogs where it referred to something where the current government couldn't put in place something that was binding on any later governments. I came across this article via Snafu's blog 'Not Proud Of Britain (But Would Like To Be)' today that made me think of it again.

It makes a logical sense. They should not be able to instigate something that is not reversible by a future government. However, thinking about it a little bit longer I realised that it could no longer actually be the case if, in fact, it ever was as in reality this is not possible all the time. Several choices have been made over the last few years which commit the UK to a course that it is almost impossible to change.

As examples.

I've just read on Snafu's site that Brown is looking at selling off our hospitals and leasing them back. A quick way to sell off the family silver and have some cash to spend now. However it commits us to leasing them back over a period of time and thus in effect means that the UK PLC will pay more over a longer period. Plus how do you reverse that? If we stop leasing them then they will just build houses or offices on the land which is usually prime real estate. Our punters will need to travel much further to 'local' hospitals. Is this not a commitment for the next government?

Our local schools are being demolished and replaced with a one size fits all education system. This can be reversed but at great expense and only to a point. In our area we are merging two schools and selling one off. This is likely to lead to houses or office blocks on the site and reversing that is an issue. Is this not a commitment for the next government?

Then of course there is the EU. Brown is joining us up because our political elite see this as a inexhaustible feeding trough for them. They have done what they normally do which is ignore all the facts and chose what is best for them and not the country. This single policy alone has shown us what contempt they have for the voters. How difficult will it be to renegotiate treaties that are nullified when Brown puts his traitorous signature on to the treaty? Will our EU neighbours even want to? How can this decision be reversed without some major trauma? Is this not a commitment for the next government?

There are more, the Trident replacement, Nuclear power stations, the global warming scam, etc. all of these make long term commitment which will be with us for decades.

I don't know if it is just the way I am thinking but Cannabis class C or B, Fox hunting, 90 day detention, parliamentary legislation setting for starters. All these things are easily adjusted to suit and completely reversible. No real impact on the UK population at all. However, this government has been making fundamental changes that will take several decades to fix and they have made so many of them. Imposing their socialist philosophy on them all. Generations from now the population of the UK will still be feeling the impact in the dumbing down and emasculation of our population and the reckless policies of our leaders. The only other time I can think of when things have been screwed up so much is in a third world country such as Africa or the middle east and at least they have the excuse that their society practically demands this and so it looks like screwing up a first world country requires a war or a socialist government.

It's going to be a hard struggle to recover from the last ten years and it isn't finished yet. Gordo will hang on to the last possible moment damn his traitorous hide and so far we don't even have viable options on the table for replacements as all the main parties are just as bad as each other.


At 3:54 pm, Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

It is more that the government cannot pass legislation that is binding on another. EU legislation is not, technically, binding because a future government could simply repeal the European Communities Act 1971.

This will, of course, not be the case after the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified.

However, your central idea is quite correct and may I humbly submit another example? It is pretty impossible to reverse the Beeching Axe on the railways, because they sold off all the land as quickly as they could.


At 5:45 pm, Blogger John East said...

Things will always change, often irreversibly, but the driving ethos, or the direction of change, can be reversed overnight.

How to elect a government to do this? That is the challenge. As things are today, Lablibcons will not deliver so some external force will be needed for change, and for the life of me, I've no idea what this external force might be.

At 8:20 pm, Blogger Bag said...

DK, I don't understand what you mean by legislation binding on a future government. All legislation is binding on UK citizens. OK. I know with the way our MPs work they don't think so but that is more to do with their morals than the legiskation.

John, Mmmm. Some external force. I see force being the only thing I can think of for now.

At 6:55 am, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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