Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Frightening new discovery.

It seems that trolls really do exist. The trolls we get on our blogs are actually a sub species of the humans who have become more predominant due to the widespread use of the internet. Where before they were to be found hiding in dark places, slightly insane and usually masturbating they are now found more and more on the internet where their mad writings are giving some credence.

From this position of power these creatures, once thought mythical, have spread their influence over the internet and the blogging community has caused them to explode. New research shows that trolls actually make up more than 50% of the bloggers out there now, genuine bloggers having been displaced and their blogs taken over by these trolls and their easily led cult followers. These followers are real humans who are so simple they believe everything they are told.

One only has to look at the amount of rubbish out there to see that no sane people could write like this. A perfect example is here. Clearly this person cannot be like the rest of us.

We need to act now. I propose we change our computers so that the keyboards are really small and fiddly so the trolls big fat fingers can't type. That should do it. You notice we don't get any trolls on phones. The keypads are too small.

We need to eradicate them and take back the internet and we must act now. Write to your MPs and get them to introduce legislation regarding keyboard sizes before it is too late.


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