Friday, March 21, 2008

Politicians breaking the laws again.

It seems Cameron has been recorded breaking some laws whilst on his bike. Read here.

Of course there are some plonkers who defend his action. But what would have happened if someone on a car had hit him travelling the wrong way up a one way street? We all know they would have been punished and a claim made against them.

For a point of reference any time a politician breaks a law and it is defended by a third party. That third party is a plonker. No matter how stupid the law is. The reason is that as a politicians he is one of the people that put our laws in place. If they are not be to obeyed by him but he expects the rest of the country to do so then he is a hypocrite.
So, Dave Cameron, hard working machine operator, is nicked for these things. Bag says 'Jeez, have the coppers not got anything else to do?'
David Cameron, pretentious git and current leader of the useless tories, is reported for these things. Bag says 'Well! Why are we not prosecuting him? He clearly has broken the law.'

Now I don't see this as me being being hypocritical. Simply because it is David Cameron, the useless one not the gainfully employed one, who was involved in the law making process and yet does not support it whilst Dave Cameron, has it forced upon him.

Glad we got my bias out of the way. So when can we expect plod to be round with a notice of intended prosecution for David?


At 12:32 pm, Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Of course there are some plonkers who defend his action ...

I was one of them .:)

I think there are just too many laws these days.

At 1:46 pm, Blogger Bag said...

James, I agree there are too many laws and when I take over the universe the first thing I am going to do is get rid of all those put in place over the last 10 years. Try for treason every politician who votes for no referendum and execute them. Ooops getting a bit ahead there.

If Cameron doesn't like the laws he is in a better position than most.


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