Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fighting to the last at our cost.

It seems that the MP's are going to fight to the last over the decision that they have to publish their expenses. They have launched an appeal which will be heard by the High Court. Read here.

Well it's nice to see they are taking time out from removing all our freedoms to look after their own freedoms. Funny though knowing there was an appeal process and knowing that they won't have to pay a penny it was obvious they would appeal. What have they got to lose by dragging it out to the last? Nothing at all and we pick up the tab.

What a bunch. Bring on the revolution.


At 11:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm off out to the shed to sharpen the pikestaff.

At 12:35 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Henry, Don't do that. Blunt and rusty hurt more.


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