Monday, July 30, 2007

Where in the world can we go to?

The UK is going downhill rapidly, the US is doing the same, and Oz seems to be following in their footsteps. Read here about the Ozzies screwing up this guys life and then just ignoring it. Exactly the same as their other allies in the war of stupidity.

Of course the Ozzies like us have banned the population having weapons. So there is nothing that they have any fear of. The US is working towards it.

It seems if you want to escape for a total bunch of morons as leaders then we need to actually move off planet. Can't actually think of anywhere else to go.


At 4:10 am, Blogger Miss Smack said...

Amazing eh? They've admitted they have insufficient evidence, uprooted his life with his wife and child, his career is in shambles (there goes a few years of doctoral study), sent him home, ruined his face, (he'll be forever a face of terrorism to the rednecks) and said 'fuck off, and we're not saying sorry'

oh, the shame.

At 7:05 am, Blogger Bag said...

I've now become immune to the shame we have committed so many moral crimes like this in the UK.

Although it is now clear that the terrorists are winning this war. They are a bunch of people with IQs measured in minus figures yet they have changed our lives and social system so much that our moral authority has gone and it will take some time to come back.

Hopefully the people will rise up and string these people from lampposts wherever the come across them. Although with our current population their IQs are rapidly going down as well and most of them have the IQ of a fairly intelligent rock. The plus side is they are more inclined to violence and when the food or PS3 games supply is disrupted then they will act.

I'm seriously thinking of selling up and moving to the wilds of Scotland or North Wales until it is all over.

At 12:00 pm, Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Cayman Islands?




These are places I have considered.

At 1:18 pm, Blogger Lin said...

appologise for what? for doing their jobs? no way!
why is the guy still even muslem? thats where the appologies should come from, for not makeing more of an effort stopping their looney brothers & sisters from blowing up people.

so, australia seems a safe place to visit. :)

At 3:59 pm, Blogger Lord Nazh¬© said...

You mean they've banned the law-abiding citizens from having weapons don't you?

At 6:38 pm, Blogger Bag said...

CBI, I was looking for something with a culture similar to our own. Anchorage would give me a severe case of winky shrinkage and although I don't mind the cold that is a bit of an extreme. India will be changing as they adapt to their growth and have to meet certain western standards. Don't know much about Tuvalu. But the Caymans seem a good choice. Just need to win the lottery then.

Lin, It's a bit much that being a member of anything that is not illegal is grounds for imprisonment and expulsion. If this is allowed then it wont be long before we are arresting people for their sexual activities that don't conform to state norms.

My Lord, yes of course. But criminals like the status quo it only picks on the law abiding so they are not likely to do anything with their weapons.

At 7:11 pm, Blogger Lin said...

@bag. arresting people for their sexual activities, that is exactly what the other side does. well, if your a guy, women just get stoned to death.
really, that's what the whole fight is about - the freedom to fuck, drink alcohol, eat pork and go to bed with dirty feet.

but seriously, his cousin drove a frigg'n burning car in to an airport. now he's whining about a few days in a cell. they should have sent him straight to gitmo.

At 2:13 pm, Blogger Daimyo Higham-Baka-Ohta said...

Guthrum can.

At 2:00 am, Blogger Lord Nazh¬© said...

Funny how guns are considered dangerous in the hands of the law-abidings, but just business for the criminals TO the law-abidings hmm

At 11:00 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...


I can recommend Australia if you can get in and don't lend your SIM card to anyone. Also New Zealand, but again a bit cold for most of the year.

You are right about Anchorage. Cold in mid summer.

Not too many places with cultures attuned to the UK that are not bloody cold.


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