Monday, July 23, 2007

The Internet, love and divorce.

The woman down the road is going for a divorce. I was talking to the husband who was walking down the road and he told me it what was going on. Basically, he lazed about watching sky sports all day while she pottered about on her computer. She met a guy on there through a friend of a friend somehow, built up a good relationship and eventually they got together. Little did I know when I set up the webcam what hot action was going to be transmitted on it. At least now I know why she asked so many security related questions and wanted one that could be moved easily. Whoohoo. If I'd have know I would have set up a false ID and had a go. Only kidding. (Fingers crossed)

The Internet is such a good medium for this sort of thing. It enables you to meet loads of people and find out their likes and dislikes with almost no risk. The only real risk is that the person at the other end is telling lies and actually is a lorry driver called Brian but in the end all that does is waste your time. A longer term courting over weeks with an open exchange of thoughts, likes and dislikes can usually sort out all but the most determined.

That is part of the reason I like this medium so much. Ugly people like me can talk to people and build up relationships based on what is beneath the surface and not what is visible. Once beyond the difficult getting to know you stage the true shell doesn't make any difference and when they turn out to be quite tasty but you are not it doesn't make any difference. It's amazing how many hot women are with some ugly men. They seem to have a much lower physical requirement than men. Or maybe it is because they are more desperate I don't know. Maybe this is why divorces where people run off with a lover on the Internet seem to becoming more common. It gives people a chance to build up a relationship without actually having to go travel outside the house. In fact even if you are unable to leave the house perhaps because of children you can still build one. No wonder so many horny women with young children are on these sites just waiting to be talked to nicely.

In the past I understood that most people meet their partners at work, either directly or through friends. The rest out at pubs and clubs. With the current PC climate where even looking at a woman can be construed as sexual harassment that avenue must be a dangerous one and avoided unless a relationship has already built up. No wandering through the office and trying to pick up someone you like any more. Well, not if you want to keep your job anyway. And the way things are going there soon won't be anyone at pubs and clubs they will all be closed when drinking is banned and because dancing is too competitive.

This could mean a massive culture change as no longer will the studs with the muscles and bad boy attitude be picking up the birds but the fat lad with the spots who actually knows how to string a few words together.

Yeah! The future is for nerds. Too bloody late for old chaps like me though. Unless I can talk this hot bird I was chatting to on IM into being daft and in fact my wrinkles and grey hair is down to the fags and booze i have consumed. Girls love the bad lads.


At 10:19 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

In the early days, my wife assumed that their had to be some emotional issue with my many hours surfing the internet. Was I looking for somebody else? Now she just thinks that it is a bit wierd that I would communicate with ugly old farts like you.

Colin from Adelaide,

Who is really a stunning looking blonde looking for a frustrated, cynical, gruff, sarcastic old man from North West England to take out the rubbish.

Have you seen ms smack's latest quiz?

At 1:26 am, Blogger Bag said...

lol. Thats why I don't post my picture but handsome chaps like you can.

No. I've been busy I'll have a look now.

At 2:29 am, Blogger Ruthie said... of many reasons that it's so freaking hard to find a decent mate these days. No matter how you look.


At 12:13 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Ruthie, I would have thought either medium would be good for you. Remember that finding a decent mate should not be that easy. The real intention is to find a keeper.

Keep looking just be careful what frogs you are kissing.

At 2:50 pm, Blogger Miss Smack said...

Bag, there are loads of lovely, but lonely women out there that simply need affection and love and would walk over hot coals for a respectful, decent man.

At 3:22 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Miss Smack. I know. That's why I see this as the decent bloke getting his chance. Only problem is that most of the women live so far away the only chance you have of seeing them in the flesh is via EMailed pictures.

And can someone explain to me how all the nice women have such lovely eyes.

At 1:07 pm, Blogger Miss Smack said...

Rural locations present a problem, I agree. Someone has to move, I guess. Email and internet, moving to phone can be a great way to forge a r'ship before a trip is planned.

I think a trip should be planned sooner than later, or you're potentially wasting alot of time if the chemistry doesn't translate in the flesh.

At 9:45 am, Blogger Bag said...

I agree although some longer distance relationships will be a bit more difficult. After all one, at least, will have to move away from everyone they know to be with someone they don't really know. A risky venture.

I would imagine that the most common relationships are formed within a reasonable travel distance. Near enough to meet. Far enough to not bump into again if it doesn't work out.

At 7:56 pm, Blogger -eve- said...

After reading through all the comments, I think you've hit the nail on the head with that last one, Bag. The perfect distance... lol.

You're right about the internet world. I love it ;-) It's pretty amazing, as you say, how one would end up falling in love with someone whom one would never look twice at. In real life, we don't know what we're missing by not talking to them (and there are some I've talked to who seem so much more attractive when you close your eyes when talking to them). So yes, this gives everyone a chance....

> This could mean a massive culture change as no longer will the studs with the muscles and bad boy attitude be picking up the birds but the fat lad with the spots who actually knows how to string a few words together.
Hmmmm... but then again, there are still the gyms. The studs can go there and show off, and the fat ones can stay home and blog about how they're gonna get into shape. And if they've humourous enough about it, after awhile the woman might not even want them to shape up; she'd just enjoy reading their gripes about being fat...;-)


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