Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Win Win for the UK in the short term.

It seems that Blair is being groomed for a ME peacemaking role. Read here.

Now before we all fall off our chairs laughing we need to look at both sides of this.

1) Well he ain't exactly a peacekeeper is he?
2) He is not exactly going to be impartial.
3) The ME envoys won't see him as impartial either.
4) He is bloody useless.
5) He will gain a level of immunity for a while.

1) We get rid of him from the UK.
2) He is not paid by us, well not all of him.
3) Someone in the ME may give him the lead injection he deserves and we are too civilised to do.
4) We get rid of him from the UK.

So all in all it sounds a middle of the road option between him being tried for war crimes and him escaping to the lecture circuit in the US. Neither will allow him to escape the justice that is his due but it keeps him out of our hair for a while.


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