Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shooting yourself in the foot.

It's bad enough doing it once but it seems that this inquest is a farce and the MoD and DoD have shot themselves in the foot again. Read here. Knowing our lot it will be a different foot.

Now after seeing the cockpit video and hearing what has gone on then it is plain that a terrible accident has occurred. Yet why don't they just throw their hands up and cough the job? All the harm has been done now. There is no clear benefit of hiding information. What could possibly be on those hidden 11 lines that could not be shown in court even if it had to just be to the coroner.

No wonder people are suspicious. There is nothing obvious to be hidden yet they are clearly hiding 11 lines of something.

Interestingly enough it is usually the UK that over classifies everything while the US gives it away under their FOI legislation. Seems kind of strange that this seems to be the reverse.


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