Sunday, March 11, 2007

Musical day today.

Just spent the day making another MP3 compilation for the car. My daughter, who was the one that originally wanted a compilation, finally shamed me into creating them. Sadly because of this stupid DRM I had to reload every CD and rip the tracks to make the compilation. It really annoys me that despite the CDs sitting on the harddrive it won't allow me to make an MP3 copy without additional software.

Anyway after hours of frustrated copying and cleaning and reloading I got the tracks I wanted. I seem to remember these CDs were supposed to be indestructible. Remind me never to buy body armour or clothing from Sony and co. My daughter's CDs are different from mine and so I needed to load all of them as well. It's quite interesting how her CDs are all scratched and covered in something sticky and unidentifiable yet every one, every bloody one, without fail loaded first time. Yet mine, looked after and in some cases only played once had lots of problems. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

Anyway. I'm off to watch a vid so I'll leave it till tomorrow before looking to see what's going on.


At 1:41 pm, Blogger JohnM said...

I presume you are creating a MP3-CD for a dual purpose car CD plyer that takes audio and mp3 CDs.

There are a handful of makes that only accept mp3 with DRM - most accept mp3s that you have made yourself.

When I used to make mp3-CDs myself, I used some freeware called CDEX, and then burnt the results to CD using either Roxio or Nero.

Such mp3s do not have DRM.

I tended to burn the files as data because one of these software would add a superflous m3u playlist if I burnt in mp3 mode.

Alternatively, you can rip any source using TotalRecorder, which intercepts the sound from the soundcard (ie post the digital decode). This means that any DRM in the source becomes irrelevant. I have used this to record Real files from the BBC but I imagine that you could use it to copy a protected CD.

At 6:24 pm, Blogger Bag said...

I used Windows itself to take the CD so I can create a backup of the WMA files.

I then rip them in MP3 format using a free MP3 ripper for writing to a CD that is in my car. It seems to work OK without DRM.

I'll have a look at that SW for recording other things. It will be handy. Thanks for the links.


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