Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fallen Angels.

From the way that some of these people go on you would think that we were imprisoning women for trivial matters like council tax bills and not having control of their childrenwho were innocent little angels who would not harm anyone. Read here about proposals to put less women in prisons.

Now I believe that already it leans the other way in, yet again, more +ve discrimination. Women don't go to jail for crimes that men are sent down for. The judges treat them with a soft touch, which they are, and err on the side of a non custodial sentence. So this means that besides the issue of them going to prison for not forcing the kids to school they actually have to be worse than men to go inside.

Clearly many women do commit crimes that need custodial sentences and to change the system so that fewer go to prison will mean that more women will perform crimes knowing that they will be immune to any custodian sentencing. Of course, if Myra Hindley was up for sentencing now it would be all blamed on Ian Brady. He would be sent down for ten years and she would have got two years.

How people can consider changes like this and actually think it is a good idea is beyond me. If they actually looked at who was inside and released those that shouldn't be there in the first place then they would have plenty of spaces. It's starting to get beyond words.


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