Saturday, March 10, 2007

A cunning win win plan for the US.

Reading this article about Bush signing an agreement with a foreign country to supply bio fuels as an alternative to buying real fuel from a foreign country and to reduce it's dependency on foreign fuel. Mmmmm.

But then I thought about it a bit longer. It has it's advantages.

For one thing it means we can let all these people sitting on real oil starve and fight among themselves with little involvement of Western casualties. If they reduce the number of fanatics enough it might be viable to go back, buy the place and then harvest the real oil later. Long term strategy there. Risky though with the Chinese needing oil. So they may have to make sure before they leave that puppet governments sign up for some long term deals first.

In addition if the new foreign supplier gets a bit uppity they can introduce democracy and remove the threat on their own doorstep from their own country. No longer having to rely on long distance support. Plus these guys are not nutters and will not be queueing up to kill infidels and get a 1st class ticket to get their 72 virgins. It's a big place as well so that there will be plenty of bio fuel available.

As the icing on the cake they get to look good on the world stage by working towards environmental targets and developing technologies to reduce our reliance on oil.

So all in a good plan to work towards reducing reliance on oil with plenty of profits available, being seen in a good light and yet leaving flexibility in for the long term future.

Planning for the future though does seem a bit strange for Bush. Must be some oil think tank thought of this though to increase profits and power. Government lackeys don't seem to have thinking capability in the US either.


At 2:02 pm, Blogger james higham said...

As the MIC determines policy, this is yet another one which needs to be thought through for the hidden catch.


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