Friday, March 02, 2007

A sad case but it made me think.

Just reading this article on this poor kid who had leukaemia and who died today because he couldn't find a suitable donor. Read here.

I was just thinking how sad it was and wondered if we spent less on war and more on research we may have had a cure for this by now. I also wondered how many actual donors there could have been and wondered if someone identified would go through a painful process to save someone else's life. I think I would do it for a family member but would have concerns about someone I don't know.

An easy leap then to our super dooper new databases such as the DNA and NPfIT one which could be used to identify donors. Imagine the pressure you would be under if you were identified as the only donor to save someones life. Taking the next step. What if you were the only donor who could save Tony Blair's life? Would you be found dead in your local wood with slashed wrists if you did not volunteer? How far would government or major corporations go for what they see as the greater good?

Sometimes this thinking outside the box is not good for you.


At 6:34 pm, Blogger james higham said...

The question of being a donor is interesting. Do we give in order to get later? Don't know, really.

At 12:32 pm, Blogger Bag said...

James, You already know the answer. If you give blood now or not then you have made your choice.

You see we get around it by not knowing. We ignore the situation. So most of us decide not to give now. That will likely not last if all these DBs get implemented correctly. Imagine facing a child and it's parents and knowing you are it's only hope. Imagine the temptation if you were that childs parents.

Plus the way it is geared up you could give for years but when you need it you are just last in the queue. It's not like it is anything but a moral investment.

But the way I was leaning in thinking was more alone the lines of the greater good as decided by the government or powerful individuals.

Let's imagine I'm a no good. I'm in jail for 208 years for killing 125 kids and having 20 kiddie porn photographs. 200 years for the photos and 8 years for the kids. In the meantime, a scientist one of our brightest is on the verge for a cure for cancer, a FTL drive, some matter converter or whatever and needs a new heart. Very rare blood group and I'm the only one they can trace.

Is that not a temptation? It must be something to be considered and I would be tempted.

Next step if you accept that and the guy is found dead one day is same guy but this time it is a politician. And so on. Until we have someone spitting at a picture of Blair and a rich person needs a new kidney or a rich person needs a new heart and you are simply a drone in the new state.

Don’t you love these slipper slope discussions?


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